Advantages of Our Treatment

  • Speed: The hcgOral™ Method allows the patient to lose an average of 8 kilos every 4 weeks of treatment (17.6 pounds), without regaining weight after the protocol ends. This speed helps the patient stay motivated not to deviate from the diet.
  • Focused Weight Loss and Body Contouring Modeling: The hcgOral™ Method allows you to lose large amounts of weight, especially of subcutaneous adipose tissue located in conflict areas. This “selective weight loss” sets it apart from other treatments that use a very low calorie diet.
  • Structural adipose tissue, needed to maintain a healthy body, and muscle tissue are not affected by weight loss. This leads to a more efficient metabolic process and reduces the possibilities of the known “rebound effect”.
  • The skin also improves: it recovers its elasticity, which accompanies the loss of weight and the new body contour. Even though the weight loss is notorious (over 20 kilos) the skin does not become flaccid, but accompanies the results.
  • No side effects: The use of hCG has not been shown to have side effects in any of its uses, including the hcgOral ™ Method. In addition, double-blind studies and clinical results from patients taking hcgOral™ have shown that patients show high levels of energy, good mood, absence of headaches, anxiety and hunger.
  • Ongoing medical supervision by trained medical professionals: Since hCG is a prescription drug, all hCG treatments should be supervised by physicians. The possibility of a constant exchange with the medical professional helps to motivate the patient’s motivation, helps him to stay in the Protocol and, therefore, increases the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Reducing blood pressure, plasma sugar, cholesterol, and lipodystrophies: Since weight loss concentrates on abnormal deposits of adipose tissue, treatment with hcgOral™ reduces the incidence of risk factors associated with obesity and Overweight.