The first week of treatment: questions and more questions

Your first week of treatment has already begun. You must have a lot of questions.

1. How should I feel?
2. Will I be able to tolerate a very low-calorie diet?
3. What if this is my XXXX attempt to lose weight and it doesn’t succeed?
4. Is the hCG+diet treatment safe enough?
5. What could the side effects be?
6. Would there be any long-term complications?

1. How should I feel?

You have made a conscious decision to start weight-loss treatment. However, for certain Regulatory Centers located at the base of your brain, in a region called the hypothalamus (which is a great administrator of functions such as breathing, heart rate, menstrual periods, body temperature, etc.) your decision does not represent something important.

For those centers, the quantity and quality of their food, as well as how to administer the food ingested is the object of concern.

Let’s see what happens, You start the diet on a Monday diet on Monday (usually start on Mondays). At that time you decrease your food intake from 2,500 calories to, say, 500 calories.

For the hypothalamus, located at the base of the brain, your conscious decision to start a diet doesn’t matter at all: you just know you were administering 2,500 calories, and then suddenly you have to adjust your body’s metabolism to 500 calories.

Are you on a boat in the middle of the ocean? Are you crossing a desert? Are you dieting in the center of a big city? This is of little importance.

For your regulation centers, the external situation doesn’t make sense. All you know is that you must adjust your metabolism for survival. Thus, initially it produces two substances: adrenaline and noradrenaline, which are very powerful hormones that facilitate the mobilization of fats in the face of a situation of stress due to lack of food.

However, in the long term, the secretion of these substances has a drawback: they release fat from physiological fat reserve deposits, which are readily available for metabolic purposes.

However, obesity is characterized by the accumulation of fatty tissue that is not available for metabolic purposes. It is not functional tissue.

In the long term, when all the fat reserve has been depleted, the body has many difficulties in using that fat tissue. So by the time the body goes to these deposits, patients look so weak, tired, and irritable that they often stop dieting.

The oral hCG protocol acts differently: only fat deposits not available for daily consumption (the characteristic of obesity) are mobilized. Thus, patients are in very good clinical condition during treatment. And they only lose that fatty tissue that they have observed resistant to other diets. Which translates into a very noticeable change in body shape.

On the other hand, we must inform your Regulatory Center that a period of food restriction is about to begin. Therefore, it is recommended to eat what you want and in large quantities 2-3 days before starting your diet, at the time you start taking the drops.

If you have been strict in this procedure, you will feel excellent from the day on the first treatment. Conversely, if you have not done so, it will take 3-4 days after starting the diet to enjoy the multiple benefits that the treatment can provide.

2. Will I be able to tolerate a very low-calorie diet?

Yes, perfectly. I have treated professional dancers, Olympic athletes, etc., and they have all felt excellent throughout the treatment.

3. What if this is my XXXX attempt to lose weight and it doesn’t succeed?

Dear patient, this is not a surgical procedure, in which you lie on the operating table, are anesthetized, and when you wake up you discover that the entire task has been performed without your intervention.

It therefore requires your cooperation. But if you really intend to lose weight, the oral hCG protocol can help you like no other weight-loss program you’ve experienced before.

4. Is the method safe?

hCG es un polipéptido producido en enormes cantidades durante el embarazo. Sólo una pequeña cantidad de la hCG se utiliza durante un curso de tratamiento.
Cuando se aplica correctamente el método de hCG para la pérdida de peso no tiene efectos secundarios o contra indicaciones de ningún tipo.

5. What could the side effects be?

None of them. As for all the bibliography examined, and in my twenty-seven years of experience in the method

6. Could there be any long-term clinical complications?

When used correctly, no.
What can be expected from the first three days of treatment?
You may experience during the second day a light headache diet that is given up with an aspirin, and never repeated.

It may also be possible for you to feel the difference diet the first three days between the days before the diet and later, when in treatment.

Si usted se ajusta estrictamente a las indicaciones suministradas, desde el primer día de tratamiento, Usted se ha de sentir muy bien, y mucho mejor cada día que pasa.
Cuanto más tiempo permanezca en el tratamiento, mejor se sentirá (con las dietas muy hipocalóricas).