What is the hcgOral™ Method?

It is a comprehensive program that fights against the physical and emotional impacts caused by obesity.

The advantages of treatment are:

  • SpeedThe hcgOral™ Method allows the patient to lose an average of eight kilos every four weeks of treatment (17.6 pounds), without weight recovery once the protocol is completed. This speed helps the individual to observe the results almost immediately, helping him to maintain the motivation not to deviate from the diet.
  • Focused weight loss and body contouringThe hcgOral™ Method allows you to lose large amounts of weight, especially subcutaneous adipose tissue located in conflict areas. This “selective weight loss” differentiates it from other treatments that use a very low calorie diet (Very Low Calorie Diet – VLCD). The structural adipose tissue, necessary to maintain a healthy body, and muscle tissue are not affected by weight loss: as a result, the proportion of adipose tissue to muscle mass changes radically. This leads to a more efficient metabolic process and reduces the chances of the so-called “rebound effect”.
  • The skin also improvesRegains its elasticity, which accompanies weight loss and the new body contour. Even when the weight loss is noticeable (more than 20 kilos) the skin does not become flaccid, but accompanies the results.
  • No side effectsThe use of hCG has not been shown to have side effects in any of its uses, including the hcgOral™ Method. In addition, double-blind studies and clinical results from patients treated with hcgOral™ have shown that patients show high energy levels, good mood, no headaches, anxiety, and a feeling of hunger.
  • Constant Medical SupervisionThe hcgOral™ Method assures patients continuous supervision by trained medical professionals. The possibility of a constant exchange with the medical professional helps to encourage the patient’s motivation, helps the patient to stay in the Protocol and, therefore, increases the effectiveness of the treatment. Since hCG is a prescription drug, all hCG treatments must be supervised by physicians.
  • Reduced blood pressure, plasma levels of sugar, cholesterol and lipodystrophiesAs weight loss is concentrated in abnormal fatty tissue deposits, treatment with hcgOral™ reduces the incidence of risk factors associated with obesity and overweight.

Why oral and not injectable?

In 1954, Dr. ATW Simeons, a German doctor working in India, noticed that so-called “fat boys” with adiposogenital dystrophy improved the condition of their testicles, which had not yet descended, when treated with hCG.

El Método hcgOral™, desarrollado por el Dr. Belluscio, conserva los mismos lineamientos que el protocolo original desarrollado por el Dr. Simeons que combina el uso de Gonadotrofina Coriónica humana (hCG) con una dieta baja en calorías.

However, since the development of the hcgOral formula, losing weight has become even more comfortable and pleasant for the patient, since it eliminates the need for one injection per day. However, the correct preparation and formulation of OralhCG™ and associated products is crucial to achieving the desired results.

These products must be manufactured under strict sanitary regulations, in accordance with the regulations for the development of pharmaceutical products and under the supervision of a trained pharmacist.

Why is hCG not approved for the treatment of obesity by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration – USA)?

After the publication of the first reports on the use of hCG for the treatment of obesity by Dr. Simeons, a myriad of reports appeared, some of which favored the use of hCG and others more critical of its use. Finally, after a series of double-blind studies, the FDA concluded that the method was not helpful for the treatment of obesity. That definition forced the pharmaceutical industries to include in their hCG leaflets a paragraph stating that hCG was not useful for the management of overweight and obesity.

The FDA’s parameters for approving drugs for the treatment of obesity specify that in the course of the studies, more weight should be lost with the use of the drug compared to placebo. And as we have confirmed, the use of hCG as indicated by Dr. Simeons does not result in greater weight loss, although it does result in considerable loss of fat deposits.