1. What is hCG?


hCG is the acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a substance produced by the placenta during pregnancy in huge amounts. It was discovered by Ascheim and Zondek in the urine of pregnant women, back as 1927. After its discovery, scientists tried to find a name for this substance, and when they observed that the administration of [...]

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2. Which are the functions of hCG during pregnancy?


hCG is the biggest glycoproteic substance (we do not like to call it hormone, see below) present in human beings. Its molecule contains over 300 aminoacids, and despite some of its functions have been well described, many of them are poorly understood. One of the functions is to protect the embryo to be rejected: genetically [...]

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3. Is hCG a hormone?


In our opinion: no. The word hormone comes from the Greek, meaning “I act through distance”. The word was coined by Banting and Best in 1915 and was used to denominate those substances that, produced in one organ, their actions were performed elsewhere in the organism. Thus, testosterone is a hormone, because it is produced [...]

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4. How it is manufactured?


hCG is manufactured by International and renowned Laboratories. The usual procedure is the extraction of hCG from urine of pregnant women. hCG is in the Pharmacies since 1930, and NO complications were EVER reported regarding its manufacturing. It is safe and highly time-tested.

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5. Which are the medical indications for hCG?


Since hCG administration facilitates ovulation, it has since long been used as part of fertilization programs. Also, other indication is the lack of descent of testicles in boys, a condition called cryptorchidism. hCG is one of the few drugs of natural origin that, fortunately, still remain in the current Pharmacopoeia. For unknown reasons, most of [...]

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6. Why do we use a ||pregnancy|| substance for obesity treatment?


This was the great discovery from a British Physician, Dr. ATW Simeons: The first report on the use of hCG for the management of obesity was published in 1954 by the late Dr. ATW Simeons, a British Physician practicing at the Ospedale Salvatori Mundii in Rome. Working in India, he noticed that the so-called “fat [...]

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7. Why all the controversy regarding hCG in obesity treatment?


When Dr. Simeons published his discoveries in the Lancet, back as 1954, obesity was considered a matter of aesthetics, and obesity treatments were confined to the simple indication of “keeping the mouth shut”. After its publication, many Physicians from all over the world flocked to Dr. Simeons Hospital to get information on the treatment at [...]

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8. Any benefit from the use of the method hCG+diet to treat overweight?


As we have explained before, hCG-treated patients lost more body fat than non treated patients. And fat content is the kernel of the disease we call obesity. When evaluating the efficiency from any obesity treatment, we must assess whether the procedure decreases body fat to a greater extent when compared to other approaches. We do [...]

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9. Are there other benefits from the use of hCG for obesity treatment?


Yes. Patients feel in a good mood throughout the treatment period. They do not report irritability, weakness. They look fine. Sleep improves. Also they notice a decrease in the size of their body circumferences, referred as “Clothes fit fine, better than any other regular diet”. A very important remodeling of body contour is observed (due [...]

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10. Does hCG administration cures obesity?


No. Obesity is a disease whose origin is a permanent disorder in the hypothalamic area, a region deep inside the brain. What hCG does is to render weight loss safe, comfortable, and the maintenance period after the treatment is much easier to perform.

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