Second week of treatment

The day you received the Diet, and visualized the amount of food, you probably thought:
-I’m not well! What am I doing here? How could I have listened to this Doctor, and his way of saying that everything is going to be OK? I want to go home!-
But the days went by, and you probably started to feel better, your urine output increased during the first 48-72 hours (it’s usual when you’re on a diet), and then it went back to normal. You may be sleeping better, even if it’s fewer hours, but in a deeper way.
You feel in a better mood, less irritable, and you should have noticed that the feeling of hunger (present in the initial days, if you did not perform the preparation stage correctly), faded away.
However, the desire to eat something tasty has not yet disappeared:
The hCG has no action on the mechanisms related to the sensory aspects of food (i.e. taste, colour, aroma, etc.) Only amphetamines act on such mechanisms. hCG is not anorectic.
I usually say that you began to go through the best stage of the treatment, which will last until it is finished.
Even though you are under the prescription of a very low calorie diet, the production of ketone bodies (which appear when fat is burned quickly in order to get energy), remains below
of the expected values.
However, I strongly recommend drinking no less than 2 liters of water a day, thus facilitating their elimination. Preferably you should drink water, rather than tea, coffee or any other type of infusion or drink.
If you adhere strictly to my instructions, I guarantee that you will get an otherwise satisfactory weight loss.
As far as salt is concerned, it is not necessary to limit its intake (unless prescribed by a doctor). However, it is important that you do not change the amounts on a daily basis.
You can choose to use salt or not, but the amounts should be relatively similar.
You’ll be surprised how well you’ll be able to carry out your daily activities with just that little amount of food.
If you are an athlete, train, play or practice your sport as usual, just remember to hydrate as directed.
Read carefully the Diet, make two or three copies, placing them in strategic places in your home (refrigerator, cupboards, bathroom, etc.).
STAND ON YOUR bathroom scale ONLY ONCE A DAY, as quickly as you got out of bed and then urinated. This
It should be a habit that you incorporate into your routine, such as brushing your teeth.
If you must travel over the weekend, please bring your bathroom scale if possible.
The medication to be constantly refrigerated, do not forget to move it with the ice pack and its thermal bag.
Weekends are sometimes difficult days for a Diet, in which case I recommend not taking the medication. However, given the particular characteristics of this diet, not taking the medication may not cause weight loss, but on the contrary may show a slight increase in them. Be careful, especially with sugars and their derivatives or alcoholic beverages.
Any weight increase in one day implies three additional days of diet to stabilize it. Remember “You can’t light a candle for both.
sides…” The better your diet, the faster you will reach the Maintenance period. A particular fact is that you will surely notice that your clothes fit better. During the treatment with hCG, the first two weeks there is a reduction of the waist especially in the upper trunk, while from the third week these changes begin to be also evident from your stomach down.
At this point, if you are asked how you feel, you will answer -well. Not excited or depressed, but well.