How to make the most of the oven without adding calories

On a nutritional level, one of the most frequent problems during a diet is learning to cook food properly without sacrificing flavor. For this reason, one of the pieces of advice that we give at the Dr. Belluscio Center is to take advantage of the good combination between homemade broths and red meats to enhance its flavor.

If you made a soup or broth, save some for when you cook meats in the oven. Place a finger of broth, herbs, seasonings and the cut of meat in a non-stick dish. With the oven on low heat, let it cook for 30 or 40 minutes and check the broth level often, so that it does not consume. If you want to add a little to the meat, much better.

Vas a notar que la pieza no se consumió tanto como al cocinarla sola en el horno y que el caldo y las especias le resaltaron el sabor.