Why we are here - A message from Dr. Daniel Belluscio

Walking one evening along a deserted road, Nasruddin saw a troop of horsemen rapidly approaching. His imagination started to work; he saw himself captured or robbed or killed and frightened by this thought he bolted, climbed a wall into a graveyard, and lay down in an open grave to hide.

Puzzled at his bizarre behavior, the horsemen - honest travelers - followed him.
They found him stretched out, tense, and shaking.

"What are you doing in that grave? We saw you run away. Can we help you? Why are you here in this place?"

"Just because you can ask a question does not mean that there is a straightforward answer to it," said Nasruddin, who now realized what had happened. "It all depends upon your viewpoint. If you must know, however, I am here because of you - and you are here because of me!"

Many years ago (so many I’d rather not remember exactly), my medical specialty was Pediatric Plastic Surgery, within it, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery.

I used to assist a colleague, an adult Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, in his surgeries. In one of his trips to an International Congress, he assisted a conference about surgical body modeling in obese patients, which included, previous to the surgical procedure, a course of treatment to reduce body weight using a program based in the use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin + a very low calorie diet (500 to be precise) . A Dr. Simeons had been the original proponent. The photographic results were simply stunning.

My colleague’s proposal was very direct: we could develop a joint program using hCG and diet first, and then operate the patient in better conditions.

I read the book: Pound and Inches. I basically believed the doctor that published the manuscript. My impression was that he knew what he was talking about.

Timidly, I began treating some patients. The 500 calorie/ day diet seemed violent, and my biggest fear was that faced with such a restrictive caloric ingestion, my patients would not resist and would suffer. I controlled them on a daily basis.

To my absolute surprise, they felt better day alter day. Happy, without hunger. A  surprising discovery was right before my eyes. At that time I knew little about Gonadotropins. Pediatric surgeons such as me used it to treat a condition called cryptorchidia, which is the lack of testicular descent in male children. So I sent my assistant at the time to the Medical School Library to gather more information. I asked her to collect all references on hCG from Medline in order to later select the relevant information. When she asked, “What years?” I answered, “The last 5 years.”

When she returned, she seemed shaken. “Doctor,” she said, there are over 6,500 references of gonadotropins on Medline, just in the last year!”

I felt I was before something important. I requested more information on Gonadotropin for obesity treatment  from the pharmaceutical firm that manufactured Gonadotropin.

They sent me 11 papers. Only two reported positive results.

It was then I had to make a decision. Should I believe what I witnessed in my patients, or the negative studies?

I decided to believe my patients and my first hand experience. This decision changed my professional life for the next 30 years.

I traveled to Switzerland, and worked in the Clinic with the most experience in the method, over 12.000 treated patients. I reviewed their statistics.

Ten years went by. In 1991 we began studies on a sublingual formulation of hCG, and I completed a double blind study. We submitted this study to the most important medical journals, but their reply was rubberstamped: the subject was not “interesting enough.”

Meanwhile, more than 300.000 deaths piled up in the annual statistics, directly or indirectly caused by obesity.

I became tired of the hypocrisy and critiques of the method and hCG. We published our findings on the internet, releasing  them to the public domain. And we waited.

In 2007, Mr. Kevin Trudeau once again opened Pandora’s Box, publishing his book “The Weight Loss Cure.” I am not in agreement with several points and with the selling techniques he used, but I commend him for bringing this subject back to public opinion.

Since that point, once again my life has changed . Due to the interest that has been awakened in the program, it now appears that the sublingual hCG formulation that we developed in 1991 is the preferred administration technique.

I am not facing this new challenge alone. Standing by me today, I have a team of fantastic assistants that have helped me to relight the flame of hope.

In today’s world, the Internet has allowed the management of information to return to its original destinataries: the people. In this case, those people who suffer from the problem of obesity, who have been mistreated for many years, accused of gluttony, of being incapable of self control, etc.

So the answer is: You are here because of me, and I am here because of you.

Thanks to:

- Dr. Simeons, who changed my professional life, and increased my understanding of Medicine as a whole.
- Dr. Trudy Vogt, who assisted in my training and has always been
..a fervent believer in the method.
- Mariela Carambia, our Nutritionist and daily collaborator.
- Dr. Sergio Vaney, our pharmacist.
- Dr. Alejandro Charosky, our lawyer.
- Dr. Mario Crescenzio, our financial advisor.

These are the people that accompany me in this battle against prejudices and the interests that prefer to keep this method in the shadows.

I also want to thank all of you who keep the faith in the protocol, and who support my work after almost 30 years and over 6,500 treated patients.


About oralhcg.com:
We have redesigned our site with the intent of providing a broader platform with which to share relevant information on hCG, introduce and provide access to the Oral hCG™ Method, offer scientific support and training opportunities for healthcare professionals, and expose our position on the worldwide epidemic that obesity has become today.

We strongly sustain that the Oral hCG™ Method is a safe and highly effective treatment for managing the symptoms of obesity, delivering rapid weight loss in localized and problematic areas.

The Oral hCG™ Method is a medically designed protocol, based on the Simeon’s weight loss protocol, that has brought excellent results to more than 6,500 patients treated by me and my collaborators over the last 17 years. The strong involvement of the healthcare professional, the time tested use of hCG, complementary treatments and a process that stimulates doctor-patient collaboration create the necessary conditions for achieving optimal results, both in the short and long run.

Please check back often. We will be updating information on a consistent basis, and opening new sections and topics that will be aimed to encourage both patients and healthcare professionals to expand their knowledge of hCG, and the Oral Hcg™ Method for treating obesity and obesity related diseases. We welcome your participation, questions, comments and suggestions. We hope that together we can create acceptance of a medical solution to the medical problem that obesity is.

You can also visit our sister site http://www.hcgobesity.org/

Daniel Oscar Belluscio, MD.
Founder and Director

The Oral hCG Research Center
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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