Oral vs. Injectable

The Oral HCG™ Method: Same effectiveness, no injections.

Dr. Simeons method using hCG combined with a low calorie diet has proven to be highly effective in patients worldwide. However, the development of and oral formulation of hCG transforms the experience, eliminating the need for constant injections, which can result in an uncomfortable process.

The Oral hCG Research Center has conducted a clinical trial using Oral hCG™ in lieu of injectable hCG, and has obtained the same positive results.

The Oral HCG™ Method developed by Dr. Daniel Belluscio maintains a strict adherence to the original protocol developed by Dr. Simeons, and is an integral method that addresses the physical and emotional impact of obesity and gives an answer to both.

There are no age or sex limits, and hardly any contraindications to use the Oral HCG™ Method for the treatment of obesity. Tolerance to the treatment is excellent, and many patients willingly submit to a second treatment to continue their weight loss process.

Weight loss is safe and comfortable for patients, provided that they meticulously follow the prescribed diet. Any deviation from the protocol is apt to yield poor results. Even minor deviations may cause unwanted setbacks.

The Oral hCG™ protocol is an appropriate approach to the treatment of obesity that also includes a behavior modification program as well as pharmacological and dietetic aspects.

When properly managed, the result is rapid weight loss and improved body shape after treatment. Clinical complications and unfavorable results are related to unsafe modifications of the protocol.

The Oral hCG™ Method includes patients' follow-up, helping patients with their behavior modification program.

The 500 Kcal-diet as prescribed in the original treatment proved to be safe and effective.

Results are not surpassed by any other modality of obesity therapy. Reshaping of body contour is more noticeable in those patients displaying fat located in buttocks and hips area.


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